Thursday, May 28, 2020
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About Us

The Occupational Health and Safety Authority
Occupational Health and Safety Authority Executive

Vision of the OHSA

The development of a culture which goes beyond the workplace, which adopts a holistic view of health and that values risk prevention.

The Maltese workplace will be an environment where health and safety are not considered as afterthoughts but are integrated throughout all work systems and processes.

Appropriate preventative measures will be in place in all workplaces in Malta to minimise the possibility and severity of occupational incidents and illness. The ultimate goal is zero preventable incidents that can affect health and safety.

Employers and employees will be aware of the importance of preventative health and safety measures, and will have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to apply these measures to their workplace. The OHSA will be a partner to organisations, working together to improve health and safety at every opportunity.

Within the context of the European Union, Malta will participate effectively in discussions regarding the continuous development of occupational health and safety levels.

Mission Statement

Working with others to ensure healthier and safer workplaces in Malta.

Mission analysis

The OHSA mission is concise and direct: ‘Working with others’ means that the OHSA intends to involve and to collaborate with others (e.g. persons, employers, workers, constituted bodies, international organisations) in order to gather feedback on policies, generate commitment and obtain consensus – the OHSA does not want to be seen strictly as a controlling body.

The only way by which health and safety in the workplace will improve is if the process is self-regulating i.e. the employers themselves recognise that it is in their best interests to provide their workforce with a healthy and safe environment.

Duties of the OHS Authority

“It shall be the duty of the Authority to see that the levels of occupational health and safety protection established by this Act and by regulations made under this Act are maintained” (Act XXVII of 2000, (General duties), article 5).

Under Act XXVII of 2000 the Authority has various functions, including to:

  1. Apply the provisions of Act XXVII of 2000 and of any regulations or ordersmade thereunder
  2. Establish strategies in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, by which the general national policy relating to occupational health and safety may be implemented,
  3. Advise the Minister responsible for occupational health and safety regarding the making of regulations to promote, maintain and protect a high level of occupational health and safety,
  4. Monitor compliance with relevant occupational health and safety legislation and to take enforcement action,
  5. Prepare regulations or Codes of Practice required to promote, maintain and protect a high level of occupational health and safety,
  6. Promote the dissemination of information regarding occupational health and safety, and the methods required to prevent occupational injury, ill health or death,
  7. Promote education and training on occupational health and safety, and emergency and first aid response at work places,
  8. Collate and analyse data and statistics on occupational injuries, ill health and deaths, and on matters ancillary to occupational health and safety,
  9. Keep registers of such plant, installations, equipment, machinery, articles, substances, or chemicals and intended for use at work which in the opinion of the Authority provide a serious occupational health and safety risk
  10. Carry out any investigation on any matter concerning occupational health and safety, as well as investigations to ascertain the level of occupational health and safety provided at any work place,
  11. Promote and carry out scientific research aimed at better methods of preventing occupational ill health, injury, or death
  12. Keep registers of persons competent to give advice on matters related to occupational health and safety.